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Monday, January 27, 2014

from sheila

You can read any of this blog without a gmail account, but to post a new conversation (I'm not sure about making a comment) you have to have or create a gmail email address. To "post" a new conversation post, look at the top right of the blog page that comes up for the words "new post". I name the post "from sheila" (so you'll know who is talking) and change the size of the font to large for ease on our eyes, then type the conversation. When it's time to "publish" click on the "publish" indicator at the right of the title of the "post." I plan to put the first day school somewhere on the page that comes up when you get to the blog (called "home"). Talk to me, F(f)riends...


One Who Questions said...

chaussure rouge

Google tells me this translates into "red shoes"

One Who Questions said...

I very much like your system, I don't see a "post" link. That's okay. I have a few bogs, too,