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Monday, September 8, 2014

I don't know why I keep writing in this blog, but I do.  Wish there was some way to see who and when anyone else looks at this.

Here is some information which we found interesting a few months back in a First Day School class on  "Quaker Iconography." 

                         The Red and Black Star logo of American Friends Service Committee

        AFSC adopted the eight-pointed red and black star in 1917.  While its origin remains a mystery, the story of the star dates back to the Franco-Prussian war.  At that time, the British Daily News was using the star to mark shipments "...for the relief of French peasantry."  The News extended Quaker relief workers permission to label their shipments with the star, qualifying their supplies for reduced customs fees.  Whenever the eight-pointed star is used, it represents shared Quaker roots and a commitment to humanitarian service and the spirit in which it is provided.

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Sheila Kelly said...

This is very interesting, and I thank you for continuing to write here. Maybe, someday, it will have more meaning.