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Friday, March 14, 2014

Calendar Meeting

Good morning, Friends!

Here are a couple of things going on in our meeting that you might want to add to your calendar...
     1.  This Saturday, March 15th, at 1pm, folks from meeting are gathering at my art studio to work on our artistic State of the Meeting Report.  Hope you'll be among them!

     2.  This Sunday, March 16th, is our regularly scheduled First Day School at the rise of worship.  We'll be looking at a Nova production titled "Killer Typhoon" about the typhoon in the Phillipines several years ago.  This topic was suggested by Sheila, who has been seasoning a concern about the people of the Phillipines.  Join us for the film and conversation as we join Sheila in seasoning this concern.

     3.  And...ta da!...our monthly pot luck is on March 23rd at the rise of worship.  Join us for some really good eating and conversation.

Hope to see you soon.

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