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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello, again!
I'm sitting here this morning looking over my notes from South Central Yearly Meeting and would like to share some thoughts with y'all...

1.  There were 170 folks in attendance this year, including adults and youngsters.  This is a 9% increase over last year's numbers.  23 people were first time attenders.  Maybe next year, YOU will be a first time attender and be included in the count.

2.  There are 24 member monthly meetings and worship groups in our yearly meeting.  Of that number, only 10 submitted the requested State of the Meeting Posters.  We were one of the 10, but we could have been one of the 14 and with no guilt at all.  Who knew??

3.  The theme this year was "Am I my brother's/sister's keeper?" and we learned a lot about the mass incarceration situation in America.  Oklahoma/Arkansas Quarterly Meeting had the task of defining the theme and presenting it.  They did a fantastic job!  Many seeds were planted in the hearts of those in attendance.

4.  Three statistics that spoke to me deeply enough that I wrote them down were:
     a.  2/3 of 65,000 women in prison in America were/are the primary caregivers to minor children.
     b.  The population of female prisoners in America has increased 832% since 2000.
     c.  60% of the people in US prisons are people of color.

5.  After being laid down last year due to inactivity, it looks like the Bryan-College Station Worship Group, under the care of Live Oak Friends Meeting in Houston, has gotten a second wind!  This is exciting news!!  Update to follow.  They are in our quarterly meeting.

6.  Although not the ideal way to maintain friendships, getting together just once a year at a yearly meeting does work!  Try it in 2015 and see what I'm talking about.  Mark your calendar now for April 2-5, 2015.

Heading out to work with Danny in setting up two raised beds for a few vegetables.  We had to wait until after Easter, you know...   The wild flowers have just about all gone to seed so we'll be mowing soon.  It has been a glorious spring in our neck of the woods.

your friend,

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